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Saturday, February 25, 2017


Inviting an older relative or friend to your home for a visit requires some thought and preparation to make the stay a safe and happy occasion.
  The National Association of Home Builders offers these suggestions if you have a senior temporarily in your house, such as a visiting older relative:
Clear Pathways:
Look for obstacles, including furniture that require visitors to have to maneuver around. Move any electrical cords that might be in the path of your visitor. If you find some, consider taping them to a wall. Keep stairs free of any objects and make sure the stair railings are secure.
Light It Up:
 Put night lights in dark spots that might affect your guest, such as in bathrooms, guest rooms, nearby hallways and even the kitchen. Make sure there is a light source within easy reach of the bed. Your visitor will also need well-lit outdoor walkways and entrances.
Don’t Slip Up:
 Make sure the guest shower has a non-slip floor, non-slip strips or a suction-attached non-slip mat. Beware of throw rugs, including bathroom mats. 
Get The Right Seat:
 Look for chairs and seating in your home that will best suit your guest. A chair or sofa that is too soft or too low can make it difficult to stand up and maintain balance. A chair with arms provides something to grip while standing up or sitting down. If your  living room or family room seating does not accommodate  these features, bring a dining room chair, preferably with arms, into the room.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017


     Tuesday evening, at a Southold Town Board hearing, amendments to Chapter 275 Wetlands and Shorelines were proposed to better differentiate wetlands and shorelines and zoning differences between banks, which are usually applied to creek front properties, and bluffs, which are usually ascribed to sound front and bay front properties.
    Existing code definitions were modified a few years back where creek front banks with less precipitous slopes were combined with bluffs, a term used to define the more acute slope and usually at a higher elevation.  Although this distinction may not appear to be significant, it created problems for creek front property owners, seeking permits because they were being subjected to rules that were much more rigid based on the higher, steeper elevations.
     In addition, amendments were proposed Chapter 280 Zoning to include the definition between banks and bluffs to correct the unintended problem created  by the code modification in 2015.
     We applaud the Town Board, Zoning Board and Board of Trustees for their responsiveness and correction of the “unintended consequences” of  the existing code with the combined definitions. 
     We believe, the amendments need some refinement as noted by several experts who spoke at Tuesday night’s public hearing.  They pointed out, among other things, a need for additional definitions for “toe” and “top” of bluff, and consideration of revising the “slope” and “height” definitions of bluffs, as well as modification of  setback revisions which still places a burden on waterfront homeowners whose homes were built under a different code.  We urge Town officials to come up with an innovative way to “grandfather” existing properties and make new setbacks prospective. 
     Only with practical application of new code provisions to existing properties, can we avoid unintended, heavy burdens on the property owners when they need to repair or revise their existing structures.  

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Friday, February 10, 2017


Median Sales
The East End – North Fork and South Fork for the year 2016, reported a drop in the median price of 8.5% to $670,000 from $732,500.  Median prices dropped in two towns, Southampton dropped 13.2%, East Hampton dropped 4.5%;  while Southold increased 4.7% and Riverhead increased 5.4%.   2016 showed a softness in sales  at the higher end.

Dollar Sales
Dollar sales for the East End fell 6.9% for the year primarily due to  decreased sales in Southampton and East Hampton of down 13.6% and 4.3% respectively.  For the North Fork sales went up:  Southold increased 13.8% and Riverhead increased significantly to 34.9%.  Good results with strength on the lower to mid-priced homes.

Unit Sales
Overall the entire East End unit sales increased slightly by 16 units sold or .5%.  In Southampton and East Hampton , unit sales fell 6.6% and 7.8% respectively.  On the North Fork, Southold unit sales increased 9.2% and Riverhead ad a whopping 30.6% increase!
Overall the North Fork did well in 2016, with Riverhead having strong double-digit increases in dollar sales and unit sales.  On the other hand, the South Fork had weak results across the board.  
Business has been brisk on the North Fork for January – weather has helped a great deal.  If you’re thinking of selling, call us – it’s time!!!!

*Source:  Press Release, January 27, 2017, Suffolk Research Services, Inc. www.suffolkresearch.com

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Sunday, February 5, 2017


It may be cold outside, but the weather did not have a negative effect on housing activity in January.  Inventory is moving at a 4% faster rate annually -  as demand continues to outpace supply - according to realtor.com®.   Median list price, nationally,  has held firm at $250,000, a record for the off-season.  By comparison to the national average, Southold Town’s median price is about $525,000 and Riverhead Town has a median price of about $375,000.
Realtor.com® expects inventory to dip another 9%, despite 360,000 new listings entering the market.  Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke, stated that, “ the downside to this strong off-season is that we have started 2017 with a new low volume of available homes for sale and a new high for prices.”
As a buyer,  you should make your move now! Inventories are low, prices are moving up, mortgage rates will continue to inch up as we approach spring.  Brave the cold weather if you  have to, it will pay off in getting a better value and best of all you will be set to enjoy the summer season on the North Fork!

Sources: RIS Media, January 30, 2017, www.realtor.com

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